Jesus (Growing in Grace Church) { 7 images } Created 26 Oct 2008

Growing in Grace is a new cult, religion, and lifestyle based out of Miami that is making inroads throughout Latin America as well as in Hispanic immigrants communities in Australia, Europe, and the USA. What makes the church unique is the leaders Jesus Miranda's claim to be Jesus Chirst as well as the anti-christ. Basing his legitimacy upon this and select passages from the bible, his converts say they are against religion even though they base the truth of their group in the bible. Claiming that the flesh does not matter and so neither do our sins they state that within their life time they will transcend this world and leave their flesh. Many of the congregation have received 666 tattoos in solidarity with their leader and to highlight the impermanence of the flesh. Another interesting aspect of the religion is the heavy use of United States iconography. Calling himself the leader of a a new government of the world Miranda's main symbol is an adopted seal of the United States complete with an eagle. Furthermore all the inside of the churches are red white and blue. Services are simple and consist of a few words, a collection basket, a few songs and a long sermon form the headquarters in Miami displayed on a large screen. Technology plays a large part in the spread of the religion.
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