Small Arms, Brutal Consequences { 36 images } Created 11 Oct 2011

For over a hundred years Africa has been a dumping ground for the world's guns. No region has paid a higher price for this than Sudan. The first guns arrived en masse at the turn of the century. A hundred years later 2-3 million small arms are in circulation in Sudan. Over 2/3rd are in the hands of civilians, mostly AK-47s from the countries long civil war.

Sudan's civil war officially ended with in 2005 in a peace agreement that lead to this year's independence. Yet if anything violence has escalated with peace. Thousands have been killed in gun violence caused by politics, cattle raids, revenge murders, fights over women, and rebel mutinies. Though the causes of deaths are varied, it is the availability of guns that makes the consequences of these peace time conflicts so brutal. 400 people can killed in a single clash, mostly women and children.
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